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Big Sierra Bite!

During these first couple of weeks in March the surf fishing conditions especially on the Pacific side have been a little tough with lots of wind from the North pushing green water up against the side. My better days have been during the short breaks in between when the wind has died down and the water has cleared up a bit but on the positive side, I have been seeing quite a lot of bait activity although the schools have been quite far offshore, definitely out of casting range. Towards the end of last week we had some good calm conditions on the Pacific side with flat, clean water and lots of bait being chased fairly close to shore by what I believe are the bigger Sierra Mackerel which we get around this time of the year. Last Friday I had some great action late in the afternoon landing my biggest Sierra of the season thus far along with a couple other decent sized ones. A classic 2Oz metal cast champ was what worked for me that day and definitely hoping for more of the same conditions in the coming weeks. We are coming into snapper season so will definitely be getting out the heavier gear soon.

Tight lines you guys!

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