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Running Drags

During these last couple months it has definitely been all about Dorado & Sierra mackerel along the shoreline here which is normal for this time of year. Most of my efforts have been concentrated on the pacific side quite near to Los Cabos & with the main target species being Dorado. I’d have to say that I’ve had a pretty good season for Dorado this year with quite a few fish landed all on topwater & although they’ve been relatively average in size, I did get a pretty decent bull around the middle of last month. As always with Dorado, it definitely pays to put in your time & I often find that if you’re able to persevere & keep casting later into the morning, you will often be rewarded. Dorado are super strong & very tough fish to land as they usually go pretty ballistic when hooked, taking to the air & often spitting the lure in those first few moments so it really helps to keep your rod tip down to try & limit them from jumping. Apart from Dorado, the Sierra mackerel bite has also been good & there have been some really good size fish being landed particularly in December when there was quite a bit of bait around on the Pacific side. Right now that bait activity seems to be concentrated along the ‘corridor’ zone so definitely a good option for an early morning mission targeting Sierra & possibly Cabrilla amongst the rocks. Other than that, a big highlight for me was a trip I made up to Loreto before Xmas with a first stop at Punta Arena, definitely one of my favorite spots in Baja. I spent one night camping there with my two boys with an afternoon & morning session of fishing. On the morning before heading further north, my eldest son caught & released an awesome Roosterfish on a metal jig. It was a pretty incredible fight & quite unexpected for that time of year although the water was way warmer than normal which I attribute to our current ‘El Nino’ weather patterns. A super special experience to see him land that ‘grande’ & in such a magical spot. If you’re interested, you can check out all that action on my YouTube channel @desertgallosfishing.

Other than that guys, looking forward to Spring & hopefully some more exciting action to come. Till next time, tight lines!!

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