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These last couple of months haven’t offered up the best surf fishing for sure but that is kind of the norm with hurricane season making things a little complicated during September & October along with the fact that it can be slow anyways with the transition period into our winter season. Hurricane Norma which came through at the end of last month was a big one & I think pushed our dorado season back a bit with really messed up conditions along the shore which are only now starting to clear up. There are definitely lots of juvenile roosters out along the beach on the Pacific side which can be fun on light tackle & although water temps are still a bit patchy, we’re also starting to see some early season Sierra which is promising. During these last couple of months I’ve been targeting some different zones & species & have had some great fun with Pacific Tripletail which has to be my number one best eating fish for sure. They’re a pretty incredible looking fish & If you’re interested, check out my YouTube channel for some of that action & a pretty cool catch & release. Also, If you haven’t already, check out some of my other videos & consider subscribing to my channel, I’d really appreciate it

Otherwise, definitely hoping to get into some dorado action soon & hope to see you out on the beach.

Till next time, tight lines!!

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Teddy Nesius
Teddy Nesius
Nov 06, 2023

Glad to see you and your lady made it through the storms safe… always enjoy seeing your videos and reading the updates. Those triple tail look like a lot of fun, with the different seasons I hope they keep you busy and help pass the time until the spring/summer season. I will be back down for three weeks to a month in June. I’m already starting to stock up on some new things to tryout. If there’s anything I can bring down with me let me know, I’d be happy to. Tight lines buddy! Teddy from Boston

Replying to

Hey Teddy, great to hear from you & yeah man, all good here thank you. Going to be awesome to see you in June again & if I need anything I will definitely let you know, I apreciate that!! We'll be in touch for sure.

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