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During these last couple of weeks here in Cabo we’ve had some of the coldest weather that I can remember for quite a while which has meant some pretty chilly early morning sessions out on the beach. Definitely into our winter fishing season here with Sierra mackerel being the target species on lures from the beach at the moment. Although the action hasn’t been frenetic by any means, I have been fortunate enough to land a few quality sized fish for early in the season as we usually get the bigger ones later during the months of spring. One good sign is that we are starting to see a lot more bait around mainly along the corridor between Cabo San Lucas & San Jose but also more recently on the pacific side with some sporadic but really good action reported by those lucky enough to have been in the right spot when those feeding schools of Sierra have been on the move. Would also have to mention that we've had some pretty challenging conditions on the Pacific side this last month with plenty of big swell around so will definitely be hoping for some more settled conditions in the coming weeks. Also will be looking out closely for the first signs of the Colorado snapper migration which is always a very exciting time as they are such a prized fish to target in the surf. Anyway you guys, till next time…keep well & tight lines!!

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