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The summer Roosterfish season has definitely arrived here in Cabo San Lucas as schools of bait have started to move in close to shore. Most of the action right now is in the hotel zone along the corridor with reports of some really good sized fish being landed but one thing for sure is that the bite is a very early one so if you’re wanting to increase your chances of hooking up it looks like your best bet is to get to your spot really early. Word is out though so expect the beaches to be a little crowded as everyone tries to get onto the action which is definitely some of the most exciting fishing in the surf that one can experience especially with top water lures. From my experience, things start to open up a bit usually towards the end of June & into July as the water continues to warm up and the big schools of bait start to move onto the pacific side with of course, the Roosters & Jacks in hot pursuit. Roosterfish are definitely one of our most prized gamefish species here in the Baja but certainly not renowned for their eating quality so every effort should be made to try & release them safely. Unfortunately this is sometimes not possible even with the best intentions & practices but I think something that definitely helps, especially with the really big Roosters, is having the right gear to allow one to put the pressure on to land them as quickly as possible so as not to tire the fish out completely. Really an awesome feeling to be able to release them successfully & very important I believe for the future well being of the species. Anyway guys, that’s all from me until next time…tight lines!!

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