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Roosters on the Run!

This summer most of the action has been on the Pacific side with some really good size Roosters landed during June and into this first part of July. Plenty of days when the bait has been really thick as can be expected at this time of the year & always so exciting to see these big Roosters chasing mullet right up to the beach. The fish are definitely out there but on some of my favorite stretches, perhaps not in the numbers I’ve seen them in the past. I’ve been finding that the afternoon sessions have been my most productive & have run into quite a few awesome blitzes at sunset with some really big Jack crevalle around in numbers. Getting these Roosters to be interested in a plug rather than all the bait that’s around can be quite a challenge so you’ve got to be prepared to put in some time with a sharp eye on the bait plus quite a bit of sprinting involved to get to the bust up to try & get your plug right in front of their noses as they’re on the chase …even then, there’s no guarantees but that’s rooster fishing for you!! Kind of what makes it so exhilarating when you do finally hook up & definitely what keeps us coming back for more punishment Anyway, let’s hope that the good fishing continues & that the storms don’t start playing too much havoc with the inshore conditions. Till next time, tight lines!!

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