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Snapper Action!!

Even though we have had lots of wind & big surf for what seems like ages now, there still has been some good fishing along the shoreline & things are only getting better as we get closer to our much anticipated summer season. During this time of year the snapper bite can start to really turn on so I have been concentrating most of my efforts on targeting these awesome fish with my heavier gear & throwing mainly poppers & stickbaits in amongst the rocks. These fish are super aggressive & unbelievably hard fighting, so it takes some good reflexes & some pretty careful maneuvering to be able to land them successfully. Snapper fishing will test every part of your gear to the extreme & it’s really a battle of wills to determine who will triumph in the

end. Locking down your drag completely, clamping down on your spool as necessary so as not to give an inch & basically giving everything you’ve got is what snapper fishing is all about… sounds pretty crazy I know but it’s such a challenge & so rewarding when everything comes together. Earlier this week, I had a couple really good days & was lucky enough to land two pretty decent Cubera Snapper on the popper which was pretty awesome (if you’re interested, you can check out some of that action on my YouTube channel @desertgallosfishing Apart from that, there are definitely still a few Sierra mackerel around & we are starting to get some really good sized Jack crevalle along with some smaller roosterfish but the bigger boys will definitely be arriving soon…just need the water to warm up some more & for those big schools of mullet to move in…then it will be game on for sure!! Anyway, that’s about all my news for now but definitely pretty excited about the weeks ahead… until next time, tight lines everyone!!

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Teddy Nesius
Teddy Nesius

Congratulations on the snappers! Tough fish to land in and around those rocks. I'm looking forward to the upcoming summer season. I adjusted this year's trip for the last week of June and first week of July. It's not easy to plan a long distance fishing vacation. This will be my 7th time to the area. The cooler weather lasted much longer than anticipated last year in the first half of June forcing me to do a lot of driving north on the Cortez side in search of warmer weather and water. I have my fingers crossed that I will start hearing reports of more bait and fish showing up. Take care and tight lines!!

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