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The Dorado Dance

During these last fews weeks in November we’ve had some pretty good Dorado action from the beach. Definitely a bit of a lottery though as you never quite know where or when they’re going to show up or what day is going to be the one. Usually when they do show up, you will often find that a few guys will hook up at the same time especially if they’re fishing close together & then they’re gone!! Super exciting & special to catch one of these beautiful fish from the beach but definitely not easy. I’ve come to realize that there’s a bit of a special dance that goes on each time you hook up where one bad move and it’s all over!! Kind of how it goes with Dorado fishing & for every fish that you are lucky enough to land, you definitely are bound to lose a few. Check out this video for some recent Dorado action from the shore:

Other than that we are starting to get Sierra mackerel & this should improve in the coming weeks as the water temps go down. Definitely a lot cooler this last weekend so winter is on its way for sure.

Till next time, tight lines you guys!!

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