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Although the weather has definitely warmed up a lot over these last few weeks, the Sierra mackerel bite has continued to be strong with some good-sized fish around which is not uncommon at this time of year. It has just been a case of trying to stay on the fish as some days the action has been concentrated on the hotel zone along the corridor & on other days on the complete opposite side along the Pacific stretch north of Cabo but that’s fishing no?! Just last week, we had a few days of really exciting Sierra action along the corridor and although there weren’t a lot of fish being hooked, the few that I saw coming out were really solid fish & right now, the bite is back on the Pacific side with good numbers of fish being landed. If you’re down here now and are wanting to target these mackerel successfully then my biggest tip is to get to your spot EARLY which means getting your lure in the water before 5:30am… if not earlier, no jokes!! I’ve been finding that the bite has been really good for about 30 - 45mins and then slowing down completely after 6am. Other than the Sierra action, we are starting to get more Jack crevalle off the beach and still the smaller roosterfish & bonito especially further north in the Todo Santos area. Have also heard of a couple of Dorado being hooked and although VERY out of season, you just never know what you may run into off the beach which makes the surf fishing here so amazing.

Anyway guys, going to be into our summer season soon so can’t wait for that… till then, tight lines!!

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