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Wild Wide Waters

Late August & September is usually the peak of the hurricane season here in southern Baja but fortunately, we haven’t been too badly affected thus far other than such much needed rain in recent weeks. In the Los Cabos area, we have had the most of that rain just this last week with Hurricane Kay which followed close on the heels of tropical storm Javier which brought a little more rain to the Baja a week before. For those of you that might have visited earlier in the summer, you will not believe how green the desert looks right now, absolutely stunning & really incredible just how quickly the rain transforms the landscape here. As far as the fishing goes, this time of year can be complicated due to these storms pushing up big swell along the coast and you’ve kind of got to be patient waiting for those lulls in between when you can get out and cast a line off the beach. During this time of year, I find myself doing a little more bait fishing than normal targeting smaller species for the pan particularly some of the snapper which are excellent eating & good fun on lighter tackle. Looking ahead with much anticipation to October which is when we start to go after Dorado from the beach with lures so can’t wait for that. Tight lines you guys!!

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Jorge Serrano
Jorge Serrano
Oct 04, 2022

Hi Dessert,

Nice to meet you, is Dessert correct? or how can I address you?

Anyways my name is Jorge, I live in Tijuana Mexico, I just wanted to let you know I really like your blog, and enjoy all the great videos you post and used to watch you on a regular basis thru Youtube but I started to see that you don't post anymore?

Anyways I just wanted to say that you're content is great, and you are a great fisherman and an example to all of us.

I hope someday we could get in touch and fish those great species. By the way thxs for recommendation that other day on the lure, I wasn't able to get…

Replying to

Hi Jorge, my name is Toby & pleased to meet you!! Yeah, DesertGallos is my channel & site name (tribute to the roosterfish or pez gallo which is my favorite fish). Thank you so much for all the kind words... I really appreciate it & it's great to hear that you're enjoying my content. Definitely hoping to come out with some more action soon so please keep watching & hopefully we can meet up one day & go fishing. All the best, Toby.

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