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The highlight of the month was definitely an amazing Yellowtail that I caught and released on the last weekend of March at Punta Arena on the Sea of Cortez side, south of La Paz. Went up for the weekend with a good friend from Los Cabos with the plan being to target Yellowtail from the shore with lures. The afternoon session on the Saturday was pretty epic. I was fishing a 3Oz orange and gold metal jig in beautiful, deep water off the point and hooked up and released two pretty decent sized Jack Crevalle or Toros in fairly quick succession. Hooked up again on what I thought was a third one and after about 20 minutes with the fish making some really powerful runs and head shakes, got it close enough to discover that it was a really good Yellowtail!! At that moment, my heart was pumping like crazy and I was super nervous as it made a couple of strong runs parallel to the beach but right up in shallow water. A few anxious moments for sure but was lucky enough to hold onto it and landing it finally on the beach was definitely a moment that will live with me forever. A few quick photos and then a beautiful release which made the whole experience all that more special. So very grateful for that day and to be able to experience this amazing surf fishing in such an incredibly unique and beautiful part of the Baja. Guys, other than that, I can report that the local shore fishing conditions around Los Cabos and especially on the Pacific side have continued to be a little tough during the latter half of March with lots of strong wind and green water so let's hope that conditions improve for some good action in April. Tight lines!!

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